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Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the invoicing and billing

Yes, you can try us for free for 30 days. If you want, we’ll provide you with a free, personalized 30-minute onboarding call to get you up and running as soon as possible.

Absolutely. If you are already on a paid plan, you can upgrade or downgrade to other plans as it suits your business needs.

You can cancel your account with us at any time. There’s no hidden contract or minimum charges when you use Vencru. You can cancel at any time without any penalty. But we’d be sad to see you go!
However, when you cancel your Starter or Growth plan, you will remain on the plan until the end of the billing cycle, after which you would be switched to the Free plan.

Yes. You can add invoice notes and terms as well as additional payment intructions to the invoice.

We will bill you through an online billing platform for purchases made via the platform. Value Added Tax or Sales Tax would be added to the price of purchases as deemed required. We may change prices at any time. All payments shall be in your currency (e.g., US Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Nigerian Naira) as clearly stated.

Send us an email at or a message on the Live chat making a request for an email change. Your email would be updated in less than 30 mins after confirmation of your message.

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