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Accounting software for multiple businesses

Vencru is the cloud-based accounting software for multiple businesses that manage your bookkeeping needs across multiple companies.

With Vencru’s online accounting software, you can run your business by sending invoices, managing inventory, and securely receiving online payments. You can also easily work with employees and team members. Vencru gives your business helpful information to grow.

The best accounting software for multiple businesses

With Vencru, create accounts to manage all your business finances from one central place. As a business owner, you need a system that can give you insight into your finances in one glance. Not only this, but it also helps you manage your inventory, sales, client transactions, and bookkeeping.

As the account manager, you have access to the overall businesses. There is no worry about mixing data. The only data shared between the companies is the login and email address.

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Save time

As a multiple business owner, you definitely don’t work regular work hours. You’re most likely overwhelmed working late nights and early mornings, trying to run successful businesses.

Vencru can help you achieve a better balance. Automate tedious accounting tasks by creating and sending invoices, organizing expenses, managing client data, tracking stock levels, etc.

Showcase your business professionalism

Showcase the professionalism of your multiple businesses. Send professional invoices that reflect your business’ branding, thereby wowing your clients. Add taxes to invoices, incorporate your brand logo, and give discounts through Vencru invoices. Add personalized thank you notes or invoice notes and terms.

Vencru’s invoicing software makes these easier to do. You also don’t need a team of accounting professionals to manage your business. Vencru makes it easy for you to do so.

Stay organized across multiple businesses

Managing multiple businesses is a daunting task in itself. Having to deal with logging in to different accounts is not the best. Vencru accounting software for multiple businesses allows you to manage all your businesses from one central account.

Seamlessly switch between accounts whenever you want. You don’t want to drop the accounting ball when juggling multiple businesses.

Each business is independent of the other. You can manage inventory separately, invoices are sent from each business, and clients are managed differently. Each business report is generated individually, all from one place.

Every action is performed without effect on the other businesses. Another important thing is that only you, as the account manager, can access all the businesses. Thus preventing others from tampering with your business data by mistake or on purpose.

Send late payment reminders

Late payments can cause serious cash flow problems in your organization. There’s so much challenge running multiple businesses, to add cashflow problems. Vencru allows you easily track unpaid invoices and receipts, thereby making it easier to send late payment reminders. Add late payment terms and fees to invoices, so clients are not surprised by extra charges.

Still struggling with Quickbooks? Migrate easily to Vencru and get the best of modern functionalities for your business.

Vencru provides a robust range of functionalities that allows your business to run without distractions and interference.

Manage inventory seamlessly

Proper inventory management is an integral part of any business. Having the right inventory management system for one business is already a task. How, then, do you manage inventory for multiple businesses?

Vencru’s bookkeeping software for multiple businesses seamlessly manages inventory. You can update stock levels, get stock alerts, and monitor inventory movement. You can also organize and categorize items, know the monetary value of inventory, and so much more.

Receive faster, more secure payments

You definitely deserve to get paid faster as a business owner. Apart from sending invoices in a few clicks, you can get paid faster. Clients have multiple options to make payments, one of which is online payment. In just a few clicks, your customers can make online payments in a secure, effective manner.

Save time and money

In business, time is money. By using Vencru accounting software for multiple businesses, you can save time and money. Vencru allows you have better control over your sales, inventory, expenses, clients, and employees.
With the best tools created with your business in mind. You can rest assured that you have made the best decision for your business.

Accounting software for multiple small businesses

With simplified access to these financial statements, you can make more well-informed business decisions in real-time.

Automate accounting reporting for Shopify store

Choosing the best accounting software for your multiple businesses

Having multiple businesses under one account is not impossible. One of the biggest advantages of this is how seamlessly you can manage businesses freely. Actions taken on a particular business have no effect on other businesses.

You can view individual reports, and track business growth. This way, you can avoid any form of confusion. And only you as the business owner have access to all accounts. Thereby preventing employees or externals from tampering with the business accounts.

The simplest small business accounting software

The financial health of your multiple businesses is very important and should not be taken for granted. You should be able to generate independent business reports. Never guess how your different businesses are performing.

With our accounting system for all business types, you can always keep your business in check.

Efficient customer support

Vencru’s support team is always available for human support for your various businesses. Our customer service will go above and beyond to attend to you on any support channels: Live Chat, E-mail, or WhatsApp.

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