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Inventory templates: Simple excel template for inventory management

inventory template for product categories

Managing your inventory is important to ensure you have the right quantity of products your customers love and to prevent product loss due to spoilage.

Vencru’s inventory template makes inventory management for small businesses easier. Easy to track your inventory stock level. Manage everything from raw materials to imported goods using the inventory management template from Vencru. In addition, you can track your sales achieved by each product.

You can use the inventory template (in Excel) to:

  • Get alerts on low stock quantities
  • Track highest sales by product
  • Know your most profitable products
  • Review your period sales

The inventory template is available in Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, and Numbers for Mac.

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Inventory management is important for product businesses. It is especially important for businesses in industries like retail, pharmacy, manufacturing, and warehousing. Learn more about inventory management requirements for these industries 

inventory template for product categories

Free inventory template 

  • Track your inventory levels with your customizable template
  • Improve cash flow and minimize wastage by keeping stock levels at minimum
free accounting software for small business

Free inventory management software

  • Automatically track stock levels – no more mistakes due to human error or complicated inventory spreadsheets.
  • Easily add items using your barcode scanner.
  • Improve cash flow and minimize wastage by keeping minimum stock 

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Common questions on inventory management for small business

What is the objective of inventory management?

The objective of inventory management is to do these 5 things 1). ensure smooth fulfilment of orders to minimize disappoint customers. 2). Reduce the likelihood of wastage or theft of goods. 3). Allow you better plan for demand by reviewing the seasonality or changes in the demand of your goods. 4). Improve cashflow by keeping inventory or stock levels at the minimum required - based on customer demands 5). Helps you analyze sales patterns by tracking most sold items and possibly advertising them. It also lets you track poor performing products to allow you eliminate those products and focus on the growth items.

What is the first step of inventory management?

Depending on the stage of your business, the first step may vary. For beginner, the first step is using the simple inventory template to track your stock levels. For a small business owner looking for simple yet insightful too, the Vencru inventory management app will be a great too to use.

Are the inventory templates suitable for retail, pharmacy, and manufacturing?

It depends on the type of product you deliver in retail, pharmacy and manufacturing. The simple inventory template is designed for small businesses starting up. Consider using the Vencru inventory management app to get more benefits (e.g., tracking stock levels, expired products etc).

Are google sheets inventory template available?

Yes! Inventory templates are available in google sheets and excel. Simply upload the free inventory template to google sheet and modify the spreadsheet to suit your business needs

Tired of spreadsheets? Manage your inventory with Vencru

With the Vencru software/app, you can track your inventory or stock levels, expiry dates, profits, send invoices,  review business financials -all from anywhere. Start managing your bookkeeping with simple accounting software.

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