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Keep track of what you have in store, update when to restock, and deduct when you create invoices or receipts. Access the simplest accounting and inventory control software.

All your inventory and accounting needs

Keep track of stock levels

Automatically keep track of items you buy and sell in one place. Vencru reduces the burden of having to manually count products.

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Track expiry dates of products

Avoid product wastage as a result of product expiration.

Organize your inventory across multiple channels and devices

Store inventory information in one place. Vencru provides a central space to manage inventory and orders from different channels you sell on in an efficient manner.

Get inventory and accounting reports

Access detailed insight on product performance and improve business decision making with our inventory and accounting software.

Scan products faster with Barcode scanner

Use barcode scanner to upload inventory, perform stock counting, and record sales with our stock management software.

Frequently asked questions for inventory control software

Everything you need to know about inventory and order management on Vencru

Inventory management is the process of efficiently overseeing and controlling a company’s inventory of goods. It involves tracking inventory from purchase or production to sale or consumption.

The main objectives are to meet customer demand, minimize holding costs, and prevent stockouts or overstocking.

Key aspects include tracking, ordering, replenishment, demand forecasting, stock control, valuation, efficient storage, and optimization.

Vencru helps you with inventory management by automating most of the processes that go into it. This way, you get to reduce your inventory costs, save time and energy, and of course, improve your customer experience by miles.

Inventory control refers to the processes and techniques used to manage inventory levels and optimize the use of available resources. It involves tracking inventory, monitoring supply chains, and making decisions about when to purchase raw materials or finished goods.

Effective inventory management helps businesses avoid excess inventory, manage customer orders in real-time, and optimize their supply chain management.

Cycle counting involves stock taking a small portion of inventory on a regular basis, rather than counting the entire inventory all at once. This allows businesses to track inventory levels in real-time and identify discrepancies or issues early on.

In contrast, physically counting inventory involves counting all of the inventory at once, which can be time-consuming and may not be as accurate.

Inventory management systems can help small businesses track inventory, manage purchase orders, and monitor supply chains in real-time. By automating these processes, businesses can reduce the risk of errors and save time on manual tasks.

Additionally, inventory management software can help businesses optimize their inventory levels and avoid excess inventory. As a result, they can improve cash flow and reduce waste.

If you want to use Vencru for warehouse management, you are free to do so! However, since it is an inventory management software, Vencru is more focused on general inventory planning and optimization of the supply chain.

Inventory management is not where our solutions end – Vencru can help you with the following as well:
Accounting and Bookkeeping
Point of Sale (POS) System and Barcode Scanning 
Employee Management
Client Relationship Management & more. See all the features available here

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