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Simple Warehouse Inventory Management Software

Manage inventory in multiple warehouses, track stock levels by location, manage stock transfers, get accurate reports, calculate COGS, and more—the best warehouse stock management system.

Key Features of Warehouse Inventory Management System

Multi-location Inventory Tracking Software

Add multiple warehouse locations and maintain accurate stock records to prevent stockouts and overstock situations.

warehouse inventory management software

Manage Orders and Sales by Location

Send the order from the closest warehouse to your customer when making a sales order or invoice with Vencru. 

Track stock transfers and delivery

Ensure smooth stock transfers between warehouse locations to meet fluctuating demand. 

Multi-location inventory tracking software

Monitor Stock Movements

Track stock inflows from suppliers and outflows from sales, orders, and inter-location transfers. Maintain precise control over stock levels and optimize inventory turnover.

Perform Stock Counts

Conduct regular stock counts to reconcile physical inventory with digital records. Maintain inventory accuracy and minimize losses. 

Warehouse stock management

Get accurate reports

Make informed decisions on business growth using accurate real-time data. Review product performance, customer insights, purchase and sales trends, etc.

Additional Features

Increase warehouse operations and productivity using Vencru’s inventory management and accounting software.

Barcode Scanner Integration

Process orders and checkout faster with barcode scanning technology (Bluetooth or USB).

Track Purchase Orders

Manage and track procurement orders from suppliers. Add new inventory to your warehouse efficiently.

Manage Vendor Bills and Payables

Track paid and unpaid vendor bills. Manage account payables, and ensure accurate cashflow levels

Create Invoices and Receipts

Send invoices and sales receipts to customers in less than 1 minute. Accept payments online and offline. Track debtors and more.

Calculate Cost of Goods Sold (COGS)

Automatically calculate COGS for all products. Gain insights into profit margin by product and make informed financial decisions.

Generate Client Statements

Create professional statements for customers, showcasing transaction details and outstanding balances.

Get Dedicated Customer Support

Benefit from our expert support team, which is ready to assist you at every step. Get personalized guidance and ensure the smooth implementation of your warehouse inventory control software.

FAQs about Vencru’s Warehouse Management Software

Vencru integrates seamlessly with its built-in accounting software. This ensures that your inventory management processes are tightly integrated with your financial operations, providing a unified view of your business.

Importing existing data into Vencru is straightforward and designed to minimize disruption to your operations. Our system supports easy data migration, allowing you to quickly transition to using Vencru for your warehouse management needs.

Vencru’s warehouse inventory management system is available on our Enterprise plan. For details on our pricing plans and to choose the one that best suits your business size and needs, please visit our pricing page.

A dedicated customer support associate will assist you with onboarding to Vencru. Additionally, you’ll benefit from periodic check-ins and access to our customer support team, available 16 hours a day to address any technical issues or questions.

More FAQs on Warehouse Inventory Control Software

Everything you need to know about Vencru’s warehouse stock management system.

WMS is an acronym for Warehouse Management System. It is software for warehouse inventory management and is designed to manage and optimize warehouse operations. WMS software helps businesses control and administer day-to-day warehouse activities, including inventory management, order fulfillment, picking, packing, shipping, and receiving. Review our warehouse management guide.

SaaS Warehouse Management is when warehouse management systems are available through the cloud as a subscription service. It is known as a cloud-based warehouse management system.

A warehouse stock management system improves warehouse processes by maintaining optimal stock levels, increasing accuracy, and enhancing order fulfillment. It also helps improve warehouse organization, minimize losses, and provide real-time inventory visibility. Additionally, it integrates with business systems, reduces costs, ensures compliance, and enhances customer service.