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Simple Retail Store Inventory Software

Track stock levels, manage sales, and automate bookkeeping and accounting. The simplest retail inventory software.

Inventory Management Features for Retailers

Track Stock Levels and Get Alerts

inventory management software

Track expiry dates of products

Record Sales with Invoicing or Retail POS

invoicing software

Receive Inventory from Purchase Orders and Vendor Bills

Sync Inventory and Orders from Shopify

business reporting

Track Monthly Sales and Performance

Automate Bookkeeping and Accounting Reports

Automate accounting reporting for Shopify store

FAQs on Retail Inventory Software

Everything you need to know about the simplest cloud-based retail store inventory tracking system.

You can easily import your products into Vencru using CSV files or manually adding them. This makes it convenient to set up your inventory and start managing your products immediately. Customer support is available to help you easily track inventory with Vencru’s  inventory management tools.

Vencru provides detailed sales reports and analytics to help you track performance, identify trends, and make informed business decisions. You can analyze sales by product, customer, employee, or time period to gain valuable insights into your business.

Yes, Vencru supports multiple locations and online sales channels. You can control stock in various stores or warehouses and update your online store or e-commerce platform. Contact us for more on Vencru’s warehouse management tools. 

Vencru takes data security seriously, using industry-standard encryption and security protocols to protect your business data. Our servers are kept in safe data centers with security checks and backups to protect your information.

A retail store inventory software should include features like: 

  • Inventory management for tracking stock levels and managing product categories.
  • Retail store POS system to handle transactions seamlessly.
  • Barcode scanning support for faster stock counting and checkout.
  • Support gift cards, loyalty programs, and special orders.
  • Provide purchase history and customer service tools.
  • Accept payments, including credit card processing, 
  • Integrate accounting software for comprehensive retail management.

Get the Retail Inventory Tracking Software

Take inventory counts, track sales, and manage expenses through your mobile app from anywhere.

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