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Elevate your accounting processes and enable your business to succeed single-handedly. Try the best accounting software today, absolutely free of cost.

Features of our double-entry accounting software

Track everything in one place

Get insights on your business performance and automate your reporting by using our budgeting and accounting software.

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Powerful and robust double-entry accounting system

Automatically calculate which clients owes you or what invoices have not been paid.

Generate financial statements

Access a complete set of accounting reports. Vencru has got it all covered for you. Generate accounting reports to understand your business performance.

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inventory valuation

Automate your inventory accounting

Individal sales tax rates can be set up on Vencru and applied when creating invoices.

Bring your accountant along or fly solo

You don’t have to worry about channels you can send invoices to.

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audit trail report accounting

Review audit records

Be updated on the activities on your account with the audit report.

Frequently asked questions of our easy accounting software

Everything you need to know about our accounting software

You can generate a lot of reports in Vencru’s double-entry bookkeeping system. Whether it is year-end business reports, financial reports, or general accounting reports covering taxes, Vencru should be your go-to option.

Yes, you can generate all kinds of reports with Vencru, including a Profit and Loss report. In addition, you can get your Sales reports and Inventory reports.

Vencru software is ideal for small businesses and freelancers in various industries such as retail, wholesale, e-commerce, food and beverage, service providers, and many more. It is designed to help businesses manage their daily operations and finances with ease, allowing them to focus on growing their business.

Learn more of all the available industries here. 

You can sign up on Web, Android, or iOS. Just enter your email and pick a password. What’s even better is that we have three different pricing options available for you – so you can pick your plan in accordance with the needs of your business.

You can always opt for the paid subscription – but you don’t have to! We have a free plan that you can sign up for instantaneously, without any commitment. If you are a small business owner with a smaller budget, then you must tap into this option and watch your business grow without any investment on your side.

FAQ on Business Accounting

Debits and credits are the foundation of double-entry bookkeeping, the system used to maintain accurate financial records.

In a store, debits and credits affect the balance sheet and income statement as follows:

  • Balance Sheet: Debits increase assets and decrease liabilities and equity, while credits decrease assets and increase liabilities and equity. This ensures the balance sheet always balances (total assets = total liabilities + equity).
  • Income Statement: Debits increase expenses, decreasing net income, while credits increase revenues, increasing net income. The net income from the income statement is transferred to the equity section of the balance sheet through retained earnings.

Debits and credits are essential for maintaining accurate financial records and ensuring the financial health of the store.

Cash is an asset account. When you increase cash, it’s a debit. When you decrease cash, it’s a credit.

  • Debit: When a customer owes you money for goods or services that you’ve provided on credit, you increase your Accounts Receivable with a debit.
  • Credit: When the customer pays their debt, you decrease your Accounts Receivable with a credit.

COGS is an expense account. When you increase COGS (which happens when you sell inventory), it’s a debit. Decreasing COGS (which is less common) would be a credit.

Advertising is typically an expense account. When you incur advertising expenses, you debit the advertising expense account.

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