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Simple inventory tracking system

Track inventory levels, get stock alerts, manage sales and purchases, and get sales and inventory reports. Our simple inventory tracking software is designed for a small business owner or large retailer.

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How it works: Simple and Automatic

How inventory tracking works

Our software makes it easy to manage your inventory in three simple steps:

  1. Import Inventory: Easily import your inventory list via CSV file or add items manually. Our software also supports barcode scanning for quick and easy inventory management.

  2. Track Inventory Movement from Sales and Purchases: When you sell a product, our software automatically reduces the stock level. Similarly, the stock level increases when you update your inventory or source products from suppliers via vendor bills.

  3. Get Stock Alerts: Never run out of stock again with our stock alert feature. Receive notifications when your stock levels are running low or when products are about to expire. Stay proactive and make adjustments before it’s too late. 

Simple inventory software for all businesses






Key Features of Our Simple Inventory Software

Track stock levels and expiry dates

Keep track of your inventory levels and expiration dates to ensure you never run out of stock or sell expired goods. Access your stock levels from anywhere using our mobile app.

Invoice generator software with online payment gateway

Manage sales and orders

Use our POS system to sell items in-store or create invoices and receipts. Track unpaid invoices and generate client statements. Accept payments directly from invoices using Stripe or PayPal. 

Use your barcode scanner

Quickly add items to your inventory, update stock levels, or checkout customers. Scan items with a barcode scanner or mobile device to add them to your inventory.

Efficient Barcode Scanner app with inventory management
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Connect your e-commerce store

Connect your online store, such as Shopify, with our simple inventory software. Manage both your physical and online sales from one centralized platform for seamless coordination.

Manage vendor bills and inventory updates

Easily record vendor bills and update your inventory with new stock items. Vencru’s inventory software automatically updates your stock levels when vendor bills are created.

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Track sales and inventory performance

Monitor sales trends, identify top-selling items, and debtors. Get monthly sales targets. Gain valuable insights into your sales performance and make informed business decisions.

Plans for every kind of business

Choose a plan that works best for your business. Save 2 months by getting an annual plan.


For solo business owners with light inventory.


Billed monthly.


For businesses with small teams and need inventory.


Billed monthly.


For large teams with inventory, vendor management, and multicurrency needs


Billed monthly.

System for All Industries

Vencru’s inventory software is simple yet versatile, making it ideal for various industries. Here are some sectors that can provide significant benefits:

Retail Stores

Manage stock levels, track sales, and analyze product performance in retail stores.

Online Retailers

Sync inventory across online platforms, track sales, and manage orders seamlessly.


Track stock levels, manage vendor relationships, and handle large volumes of inventory.

Gift Shop

Manage unique gift items, track seasonal trends, and optimize stock levels for popular products..


Track inventory for different types of flooring materials, manage supplier relationships, and track installation projects.


Manage book inventory, track bestsellers, and optimize stock levels for different genres and authors.

Grocery Store

Manage perishable and non-perishable inventory, track expiration dates, and optimize stock levels based on sales data

Warehouse and Distribution

Manage inventory across multiple warehouses, track stock movements, and optimize inventory levels

Thrift Store

Manage donated inventory, track sales by category, and optimize pricing for different items

Music Store

Track inventory for musical instruments and accessories, manage repairs and rentals, and track sales by product category

Liquor and Wine

Track stock for different types of liquor and wine, manage supplier relationships and optimize stock levels for popular products

Salon and Spa

Manage inventory for hair care products, beauty supplies, and salon equipment. Track usage and reorder points for efficient stock management

Food and Beverage

Track perishable inventory, manage expiration dates, and handle batch tracking.


Manage medical supplies, track inventory across multiple locations, and ensure compliance with regulations.


Manage drug inventory, track expiration dates, and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.


Track inventory of electronic components, manage product warranties, and handle returns and repairs.


Manage spare parts inventory, track sales of automotive products, and handle inventory for repair and maintenance services


Track tools and equipment inventory, manage stock across different job sites, and handle inventory transfers.


Manage stock for eyeglasses, contact lenses, and optical accessories. Track prescriptions and customer orders.

B2B Business

Manage inventory for business-to-business transactions, track orders and shipments, and optimize stock levels.


Easily track consigned items, including details like consignor, product descriptions, and pricing.

FAQs about our Simple Inventory Management Software

Everything you need to know about our cloud-based inventory management system

Yes, Vencru allows you to create custom product categories to organize your inventory according to your business needs.

Vencru is designed to support businesses with multiple warehouses or storage locations. You can track inventory across different facilities and transfer stock across locations. Talk to customer support to access this feature.

You can easily input and track these identifiers, including ISBNs.

You can set expiration dates for perishable products and receive alerts for items approaching expiry. Talk to customer support to get access.

Yes, you can track hundreds or thousands of SKUs on Vencru.

Yes, you get real-time visibility across multiple locations, allowing you to monitor stock levels and track inventory movements. 

With Vencru, you can easily create and track orders, generate professional invoices and customer statements.

You can set up pricing tiers based on order quantities, create custom pricing agreements for specific clients, and easily manage bulk orders.  Talk to customer support to access this feature

We have a free inventory app to track items up to five monthly. Sign up to get access. Beyond the inventory management feature, you can get accounting reports, create quotes and estimates, and manage vendors and clients

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