Managing a profitable business
can be challenging

Marketing your business

Marketing your business

You don’t know the best way to market your products and services, so you’re not earning as much as you should be!

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Managing your cashflow

Managing your cashflow

You struggle to make profits because of late payment from customers or slow sales - risking all your hard work!

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Managing your time

Managing your time

You are wearing many (and all) hats. If you only had more time,
you could accomplish so much more!

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Vencru reduces the challenges
of running a business

Invoice with ease

Unique and professional invoices you can create on the spot. Give more time to your customers and less to the paperwork

  • Stand out by invoicing with your brand logo and colours
  • Automatically track invoice due dates and late payments
  • Earn income faster by accepting online payments

Manage your inventory better

Know what products your customers love, and never go out-of-stock or hold expired products 

  • Know your most profitable items with detailed sales history
  • Avoid low stock by automatically tracking your product quantity
  • Always have what your customers need by restocking based on accurate data

Reduce your expenses

Spend only what you need to, where you need to, and save money in the process

  • Stay informed your business cost by reviewing your expense history
  • Track spending increases by comparing expenses over time
  • Spend smarter by viewing your highest expense category

Automatic business reports

Business reports that tell you the whole story in one glance—without you having to do any math

  • Automatically track your business finances - goodbye spreadsheets
  • More than numbers - get the insights you need to grow your business
  • Know the products that drive your sales growth, so you can focus more on them
  • Stay informed on your monthly performance, so you’re confident at the end of the year

Trusted by business owners around the world

10,000 business owners have already made Vencru their #1 FREE business management tool

All my business transactions are done with Vencru. I don't need to carry account books, or I don't need to maintain ledgers manually

Roahane Emerson

It makes my accounting SO EASY! Not only am able to easily keep track of my expenses and business , but I'm able to create, issue, and track invoices

Tina Samuel

Vencru is super easy to use, very user friendly and budget friendly especially for businesses. Simple accounting software for new business owners

Kelly Campbell

Start managing your bookkeeping with simple accounting software

Track profits, send invoices, track inventory, review business financials -all on Vencru and from anywhere.
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