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The best free employee management software for your team

With Vencru’s employee management software, you can streamline your business by easily tracking sales by employee, viewing performance metrics, and maintaining an audit trail. 

Manage your staff and sales from one account to protect your business, avoid cash inaccuracy, and improve customer service, productivity, and teamwork.

Collaborate with employees to improve customer service

Send invoices to customers on the go, showcase your business branding, and organize your sales with our invoice software.

Inventory management software

Monitor employee activity and restrict access

With the Audit trail feature, you can monitor every action performed on your Vencru account, including employees’ access to sensitive information.

Track individual sales performance

Understand how each employee’s sales performance impacts your business using your employee management system

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the employee management software

When it comes to invoicing, Vencru is the ultimate option because not only does it let you generate all kinds of invoices, but it also ensures that you are putting out the right brand image ahead with each invoice.

You can track each employee’s activities, which will help you optimize your sales performance better. This will also help you gauge the overall efficiency of your workforce. You can also view the sales each employee makes. Most importantly, you can easily identify any cash discrepancies made by the employees through Vencru.

Yes, Vencru can help you have a better understanding of how your employees are working to hit sales goals, you can always introduce better policies to improve productivity. With Vencru, you can stay on top of how your employees are performing, and that is more or less the beginning of improving how well they work for you. All in all, Vencru establishes a robust employee management system that acts as a stronger foundation for your business and how you measure sales.

Yes, you will know which of your employees are working when, what kind of work they are doing, what kind of results they are bringing to the table, and how much they are contributing to the success of your business. You can also see if they are causing any discrepancies to the cash flow, and address any other issues that identify with their efficiency.

Employee management is not where our solutions end – Vencru can help you with the following as well:
• Bookkeeping
Inventory Management
Expense Tracking
Client Relationship Management & more!

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