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Simple Wholesale Inventory Management software

Track stock levels, create B2B orders, accept online payments, and automate your Cost of Goods Sold. Optimize your wholesale operations with Vencru’s Wholesale Inventory Management Software.

Best Wholesale Inventory Management Features

Track stock levels from anywhere

With Vencru, you can track your stock levels, including expiry dates, from anywhere. Whether you’re in your warehouse, office, or on the go, Vencru ensures real-time inventory tracking. When orders are created, Vencru automatically updates inventory levels, reducing the risk of overselling.

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Create & Manage B2B Orders with Ease

Effortlessly generate new B2B invoices and send them directly to your customers. Customize invoices with discounts, add shipping fees, and print packing slips—all in one place. With Vencru, you have a comprehensive view of all your wholesale orders. Easily track the status of your invoices, search or filter by draft, paid, unpaid, partially paid, or overdue invoices.

Accept Online Payments Securely

Never worry about missed payments again. Vencru allows you to accept payments directly from B2B invoices. Provide your customers with a convenient online payment option, and enjoy quicker settlements. Ensure that your cash flow remains consistent and efficient.

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Automate Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) & Get Inventory Reports

Vencru simplifies complex accounting calculations. Automatically capture the Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) for all your products. Gain valuable insights into your profit margins by location, sales channel, salesperson, and more. With detailed inventory reports, you’ll make informed decisions that drive profitability.

Scan products faster with Barcode scanner

Use any barcode scanner to upload inventory, perform stock counting, and record sales with our wholesaler stock management software.

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Turn any device to a Wholesaler POS

With Vencru, you can set up your point of sale system with any system. It is available in Web, Android, iOS, and Desktop software. You can connect your barcode scanner to process orders faster. Vencru POS software is designed for wholesalers and retailers.

Frequently asked questions of Wholesale inventory control software

Everything you need to know about Vencru’s inventory management system for wholesalers

Inventory management is the process of efficiently overseeing and controlling a company’s goods inventory across all sales channels. It involves tracking inventory from purchase or production to sale or consumption.

The main objectives are to meet customer demand, minimize holding costs, and prevent stockouts or overstocking.

Key aspects include tracking, ordering, replenishment, demand forecasting, stock control, valuation, efficient storage, and optimization. Learn about the best inventory software for wholesalers.

  • Ease of Use: Vencru’s intuitive interface makes inventory management a breeze. You don’t need to be a tech expert to master it. Focus on what matters most—growing your wholesale business.

  • Accuracy: Eliminate manual errors and data discrepancies. Vencru’s automation ensures precise inventory tracking, reducing costly mistakes.

  • Dedicated Customer Service: We’re more than software; we’re your partners in success. Our dedicated customer service team can assist you whenever you need help or guidance.

  • Security: Protecting your business data is our top priority. Vencru employs robust security measures to safeguard your information, ensuring confidentiality.

Get your Wholesale inventory management app

Download our mobile app and never miss an opportunity for easy bookkeeping while on the go! You can take inventory counts, track sales, manage expenses, and everything through your mobile app from anywhere.

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