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Get Your Free Photography Invoice Template

Making money is fundamental to every business out there. But when you’re a photographer, where you earn by taking amazing shots, how you make money gets more important. There are so many professional photographers, so you want to ensure that your services are the best. Whether it’s about billing your customers or about managing your records without stress, the free photography invoice template from Vencru gives you the best of everything.

All you have to do is download the template below, fill it out and send it to your client. It can be done in minutes!

Benefits of Photography Invoice Template

Vencru offers you a photography template that is customizable, stylish, and personalized. With our invoice generator, you can bill your clients for photography services such as:

  • Image editing
  • Studio rental
  • Traveling fees
  • Advertising
  • Training
  • Documentation
  • Photography of Interiors [Photography of commercial and residential interior spaces] 
  • Photography of Architectural Exteriors
  • Drone Aerial Photography, etc.

How to get the best of our free photography invoice template

  • Fill out your client’s details appropriately.
  • Fill out your details and contact information.
  • Make provision for different methods of payment to ensure flexibility.
  • Make sure your payment details are readable.
  • Clearly outline what your client owes you and the amount.
  • Never forget to include the project date.

Vencru is a simple business solution for your photography business. We offer you our receipt maker templates to add additional expenses incurred during the project phase of your photography session with your client. 

Remember to reference all receipts on our free photography invoice template and include all necessary information for the photo project, so your client can easily refer to them for clarity.

What more than spreadsheets? Get the free invoicing software

Your free invoicing app will allow you create an invoices in 1 minute. It is available across all your devices (Web, Android, and iPhone)

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