business reporting

Powerful insights to grow your business​

You don’t need an accounting degree or big books to understand your business. Vencru gives you the tools and insights to take your business to the next level

Know your business finances instantly

See how well your business is performing, and access any reports you need (Sales, Profits & Loss, Inventory, Debtors report). Vencru gives you all the valuable insights and information at a glance.

Keep track of your sales progress

Stay updated on what drives your sales growth and brings revenue. Vencru compares your income over time and ensures that you focus on what works

Get top-notch advice for growing your business

Boost your profits, increase your sales, and hit your monthly targets with Vencru’s timely suggestions. Your business is always moving forward and never in one place.

Stay stress-free during tax time

Be confident when it’s time to pay taxes by generating more specific reports–including sales tax reports. Vencru keeps all records where they belong and ensures you’re always ready.

Manage your business from anywhere

With the Vencru mobile app, you can track profits, send invoices, track inventory, review business financials -all  from anywhere. Start managing your bookkeeping with simple accounting software.