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Getting a complete view of your business finances, and how every number relates to the next, can be really important for you as a business owner. Vencru’s free general ledger template enables you to achieve just that.

What’s a general ledger?

A general ledger provides a complete record of all the transactions made in your business. It contains all details of your company’s assets, liabilities, income, and expenses throughout the life of the business.

Business transactions are first recorded in reports called ‘sub-ledgers’. These sub-ledgers, which include sales ledgers, purchase ledgers, and cash ledgers, are used to record more specific transactions such as sales. The general ledger is usually prepared using these sub-ledgers.

The final balance in a general ledger is the difference between debits and credits over the period covered. This balance gives you a better idea of the position of your business and helps you make better decisions to increase income and reduce expenses.

Why do I need a general ledger?

A general ledger gives you the whole picture of your business in one report, and lets you know where all the numbers fit. This complete view helps you understand whether your income aligns with your assets, whether you’re investing in the right places, and how you could earn more with what you have.

By filling a general ledger, your financial records are accurate, updated, and insightful. Also, you’re free from confusion and stress when it’s time to pay taxes or make any changes to your business offering.

How to fill out a general ledger

Filling out a general ledger is much easier with Vencru’s free downloadable general ledger template. Here’s a simple set of steps to create a general ledger for your business:

  • Download and open your free general ledger template from Vencru.
  • Fill in your company name, address, phone number, and email address.
  • Include the period being covered in the general ledger.
  • Gather all sub-ledgers and any other records which may be necessary to fill the general ledger.
  • Fill in the transactions by including the date of transaction, transaction details, and account category.
  • For each transaction, include the amount in either the ‘debit’ column (if you spent) or the ‘credit’ column (if you earned).
  • Calculate the difference between the total debit and total credit amounts, and fill the balance in the appropriate field.
  • Check to see that all information and amounts entered are correct.

More bookkeeping templates

Need more resources for your bookkeeping? Vencru has all the templates you need to keep your records in check, and they’re free to use.

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