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Cashbook template (in excel)

Track your transactions by entering your sales and expenses numbers in the Excel cash book template

excel cash book template by Vencru

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What is a cash book template?

The cash book template tracks cash transactions (income and expenses) to control your profits or losses. Cash Book is like a ledger account because it includes cash and bank transactions.

Overall, there are three kinds of cash book:

  1. Single Column,
  2. Double Column, and
  3. Triple Column cash book.

There is only one amount column (Cash) for the single-column cash book. There are two amount columns for double or two-column cash books – Cash and Bank Column. For three-column cash book, there are three amount columns: cash, bank, and discount.

Why do I need a cash book template?

Profit and loss statements are helpful in understanding the financial performance of your business. Knowing that your brand is raking in more profits makes you confident to approach the next business year with even bigger goals.

Also, profit and loss statements help you compare your business profits over time by showing your changes in revenue and spending. The profit and loss statement can tell you if your expenses are growing faster than your income, causing you to make less profit than in the past year. With this insight, you can cut down your spending while keeping your revenue high.

How to fill an excel cash book template?

Creating a profit and loss statement is much easier with Vencru’s free profit and loss statement template, available for download. Here’s a simple set of steps to fill out your template:

  • Download and open your free template.
  • Fill in your company name, address, and other details as applicable.
  • Include the period being covered in the profit and loss statement.
  • Collect all records necessary to obtain information about your revenue and expenses.
  • Add all revenue by filling in the revenue details and amounts.
  • If applicable, add the ‘cost of goods sold’–that is, the cost of manufacturing or delivering products sold during the period.
  • Calculate and fill in the ‘Gross Profit’ by subtracting the cost of goods sold from the total revenue.
  • Next, add all expenses by filling in the expense details and amounts.
  • Calculate and fill in the total expense amount.
  • Calculate and fill in the ‘Net Profit’ by subtracting the total expense amount from the gross profit.
  • Check to see if all details and amounts are correct.

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