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The perfect Invoice Simple alternative for your small business

A solution that makes your invoices count.

Vencru offers an incredible amount of features that keep your whole business moving to the next level, compared to Invoice Simple. It’s the perfect alternative to save your time and make your profits look even better than your invoices.

How Vencru compares to Invoice

BenefitsVencru bookkeeping softwareInvoice Simple
Create and send professional and unique invoices
Track business expenses
Manage inventory and perform stock taking
Understand which of your products are most profitable
Know where to cut costs
Set sales targets and track your performance
Store client information and personalize service
Get tips to boost sales, increase profits, and cut costs
Starting priceFree$6.99

Vencru is the only solution you need for bookkeeping and accounting

Track your sales

Send invoices/sales receipts in 1 minute

Track your profits

Manage your Inventory and perform stock analysis

Know your debtors and how much they owe

Generate your bookkeeping report automatically

Simple to use, and accessible from anywhere

Manage your business for Free

free accounting software for small business
Free accounting app for small business

Vencru is the perfect alternative to Invoice Simple

As a business owner, the main aim of your business is to make profits. That’s why you would go to great lengths to boost your brand and keep your customers–for instance, by creating and sending out professional invoices with your brand logo and colors. But if we’re being honest, one thing that’s more important than having well-designed invoices is having the right products to sell and the right services to offer.

So, Vencru doesn’t stop at enabling you to create unique invoices that carry your brand identity in seconds. Like you, we’ve gone the extra mile to build a service that touches every part of your business–your invoicing, your sales, your products/services, your spending, your financial reports, and even the decisions you make to grow your business.

Vencru keeps you in charge of your products and services and shows you what’s really selling. If you own a retail store, Vencru ensures that it’s almost impossible to keep products till they expire, as it tracks the status of every product and how it sells. If you offer services, Vencru keeps you informed on which service is the most profitable, giving you data to work with so you don’t need to guess.

Also, Vencru updates you on your regular expenses and tells you where you spend the most, whether it’s transportation or rent, or others. By linking your spending to your income, Vencru helps you keep tabs on your profits, avoid excess spending, and cut costs where possible.

And that’s not even the end. Vencru automatically generates your financial reports, so you don’t have to spend time filling spreadsheets and tapping a calculator. You’re equipped with not just your sales figures but also what they really mean for your business. Plus, you receive tips and suggestions, tailored to your business, to increase your profits and exceed your targets.

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