Stock management that gives you total control​

Vencru’s inventory management system keeps you in charge of your stock at all times, shows you what’s really selling, and gives you information to make good choices

Follow your products in real time

Always know what to restock by keeping tabs on stock value and quantity. Vencru ensures that you never go low on stock or let customers walk out empty-handed

Stock up for more success

Give your customers more of what they love and make more profits by viewing and restocking on your best selling products

Say goodbye to expired goods

Never hold products till they expire by staying on top of your product status on a daily basis. Our simple inventory count system guides you on what to sell and when

Work with data, not guesses

Stay equipped with insights to make the right decisions by viewing your inventory records. Whether it’s expanding your stock, cutting off a product line, or offering discounts, you save time and avoid costly mistakes with Vencru