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Labour Invoice Template

The labour invoice is a document used by service/labour providers to bill clients for services and materials in completing a job/project. A labour invoice template contains:

  • Business name.
  • The date of invoicing.
  • Invoice number.
  • The address of both the service/labour provider and client.
  • The telephone contact and email address of those involved in the transaction.
  • The description of the type of job concluded.
  • Hours used to accomplish the job.
  • Rates per hour.
  • Terms of payment and account information.
  • Taxes.
  • Total amount.

You also have the option of using our free invoice generator

Steps to using our Labour Invoice Template

At Vencru, we understand the importance of sending a detailed and professional invoice. Here are steps to guide you through the process.

  • Download a free labour invoice template from Vencru
  • Add your business logo, name, and contact information.
  • Add the client’s name and contact details.
  • Generate and add an invoice number on the template (make sure there is a follow-up on the numbering in connection to your other invoices).
  • Include an invoice issue date and the due date for payment.
  • List services and materials with descriptions and costs for each.
  • Edit and adjust the quantity column to include an hourly rate column.
  • Calculate and include the total cost.
  • Add your terms for payment, account details, and additional information.
  • Save and send to your client via email or any means convenient to you.

Vencru invoice templates are printer-friendly, so be sure to download and print them out if the need arises. And get paid without delay.

Automate your invoicing faster

If you sign up with Vencru, we do all the calculations for you! All you need is to follow the steps above and fill in the blank spaces provided to you, and we will:

  • Organize your client’s list.
  • Track your debtors.
  • Send you easy-to-understand business reports.
  • Track your profits.
  • Track your inventory.
  • Do the calculations/math for you.
  • Manage your business.

Our mission is to make it extremely easy to manage your business and get the best out of it. We will be sure to save you time, money, and resources while scaling your business.

Sign up with us today! And thank us later.

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