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Built for small business owners, not accountants.

Looking for the perfect alternative to Xero for your small business? With Vencru’s complete suite of features, you  don’t need an accounting degree to take your business to the next level.

Same benefits, lower price

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Vencru is the only solution you need for bookkeeping and accounting

Same benefits, lower price

Managing your small business can be a really tasking job to do. Besides making sure that products are available, you’re also trying to please your customers and boost your brand. 

So it makes sense that you would use a platform to create and send invoices in seconds, manage your inventory, receive payments through cards and bank transfers, and generate accounting reports automatically.

But here’s what wouldn’t make any sense: when you’re required to know or learn accounting before you can use such a platform. That’s why we’ve taken a different direction from Xero: we’re giving you a product that’s so easy to use, you can grasp all the features in a 5-minute commute. 

We’ve built Vencru with you in mind, knowing that you run a business to make money and our platform should be getting you that money. 

Unlike Xero, we didn’t stop halfway in giving you more control over your spending. It’s not enough to simply record your expenses and get ready for taxes; more importantly, you need to understand how you spend. 

And so Vencru informs you on your most common expenses and your highest expense category, so you never spend more than necessary for your business. While your competitors are still guessing what to spend on and losing money in the process, you’ll keep making the best decisions and spending only for the right reasons.

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