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You need an alternative option to managing bookkeeping in order to save time and focus on your business. At the end of the day, all your efforts mean nothing if you aren’t making profits. And in today’s world, they mean even less if you have to spend too much time and effort filling your numbers into a spreadsheet, double-checking calculations, and repeating this process every single time you want to generate a report. 

Wouldn’t you rather have these things done easier, faster, more accurately, and always?

Vencru is the excel alternative for bookkeeping and accounting. It includes free invoicing, expense tracking and allows your automatically generate your business reports and track your profits.

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BenefitsVencru bookkeeping softwareExcel or spreadsheets
Create and send unique, professional invoices fast
Automatically calculate your profits, sales, and expenses
Prevent bookkeeping manipulation and errors
Get advice and support to grow your business
Never loose your information

Downloadable accounting templates

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Free Vencru bookkeeping software

Why choose Vencru over Excel?


Vencru keeps all reports up to date

The idea of setting a day and hour to sit down, fill reports, and check your business performance shouldn’t apply to you if you want to stand out from the competition. Unlike Excel spreadsheets that depend on you filling every report manually, Vencru automatically updates all records. When you make a sale and receive a payment, the amount is instantly added to your sales report and income statement. When you spend, there’s an expense history and a profit & loss statement being updated. All reports are ready to be used anytime and anywhere.

Vencru gives you back your time

Every business owner knows that time is money and more time is more money. It takes a lot of time to fill spreadsheets, no matter what reports you wish to generate. Vencru makes this time yours again by storing information for later use and doing all your calculations, so you neither have to fill any details more than once nor spend time adding, subtracting, and multiplying. Now you can focus more on your customers, get more clients, and make more money.

With Vencru, it’s more than just accounting

Knowing the numbers is great, but it’s even better when you can understand these numbers and know how to make them better. With Vencru, you get tips and suggestions tailored to your business so you can boost sales, increase profits, and cut down expenses. You can also view how your business performs over time and get insights on how to perform even better. It’s not just a question of how you can grow your business, but also a question of how much you can grow your business.

Choose more time and ease over less. Say goodbye to accounting that doesn’t move your business forward. Try Vencru today, and you’ll never need another spreadsheet. You can continue to manage your business with bookkeeping templates by downloading Vencru’s free bookkeeping templates or learning how to build a bookkeeping system in Excel

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