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Create estimates online with quotes software. Send via email to clients. Convert estimates to invoices or receipts when finalized.

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How to generate an estimate online

Generating estimates online not only saves time but also allows for easy tracking and client interaction throughout the process.

  1. Enter Client Details: Input your client’s information, including name, contact details, and billing address.
  2. Add Items or Services: List the items or services you’re estimating, including descriptions and quantities.
  3. Include Prices: Assign prices to each item or service based on your rates.
  4. Add Notes (Optional): Include any additional notes or terms relevant to the estimate.
  5. Calculate Total: The platform will automatically calculate the total estimate amount.
  6. Preview and Review: Double-check all details, ensuring accuracy and professionalism.
  7. Download PDF or Send: Download the estimate as a PDF or send it directly to the client via email for approval.
  8. Client Approval: The client reviews the estimate and approves or requests modifications.
  9. Convert to Invoice (Optional): Once accepted, easily convert the estimate into an invoice for seamless transition.

Benefits of using an estimate generator

Sending estimates to clients before issuing invoices offers several advantages:

  1. Clarity and Agreement: Estimations set clear expectations about costs and project scope, reducing misunderstandings. For instance, a web designer can send an estimate detailing design phases and associated costs.

  2. Client Approval: Clients can review and approve estimates, granting their consent to proceed with the work. This is particularly useful for contractors; a renovation estimate can outline project stages and costs, ensuring alignment.

  3. Budget Planning: Estimates allow clients to plan their budgets and allocate funds accordingly. For instance, a marketing agency’s estimate outlines costs for ad campaigns, helping clients allocate marketing budgets.

  4. Transparency: Transparent estimates build trust and professionalism. A landscaping company’s estimate that details labor, materials, and maintenance costs promotes trust between clients and service providers.

  5. Flexible Changes: Clients can request adjustments to estimates before work begins, accommodating any changes to the project scope. For example, a software developer’s estimate can be modified to include additional features based on client feedback.

FAQs about our estimate maker

An estimate is a preliminary calculation of costs and scope for a project or service, often given to clients before the final invoice. For instance, a construction company might provide an estimate outlining materials, labor, and timeline for a home renovation project.

An estimate provides a rough projection of costs and services, subject to change. A quote offers a fixed price for specific goods or services.

For example, a graphic designer might give an estimate for a website design project’s total costs but provide a quote for the cost of a logo design.

An estimate predicts costs before work begins, serving as a preliminary assessment. An invoice requests payment for completed work, listing final charges.

For instance, a contractor might provide an estimate for home renovation expenses, while an invoice is sent after the work is done, detailing the actual costs incurred.

An estimate is typically generated by a service provider or vendor to provide clients with a projected cost for a specific project or service. It helps clients understand the potential expenses before committing to the work.

You can convert your estimates to invoices by signing up for Vencru software

Yes, we offer different estimate templates for different industries and sizes (small business included).

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