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Boost your small business marketing in 10 powerful steps

Promoting your small business can be a real challenge. And it gets more difficult every day, either because you have a new competitor or because other competitors are trying to pull your customers away. To make the best out of your marketing then, and to keep your paying customers, you need to promote your brand in a way that touches every part of the customer experience and uses your budget effectively. Read 10 powerful steps to boost your small business marketing, get new clients, and beat the competition.

Go professional

In today’s business world, customers choose businesses that look more credible and unique. When you go professional, you give your clients the impression that your products or services are worthy of their trust—and their money. A smart way to start would be by issuing invoices with your brand name and logo, enabling customers to pay however they wish, and following their payments with ‘thank you’ emails. If you run a retail store or sell products online, consider delivering your products with your brand packaging. If you offer services too, make sure your brand stands out effortlessly.

Impress your customers

Have you ever subscribed to a business because of a friend who told you about it with excitement? We bet you have. There’s no type of marketing as effective as word-of-mouth marketing, and to get more of this done for your business, you have to give your customers the ‘wow’ factor. Every part of your business—from your products/services themselves, to your sales, to your customer service—must exceed the customer’s expectations. Also, think of creative ways to surprise your customers, like adding a souvenir when they buy a product or sending them cards on Valentine’s Day. Not only will they become regular customers; they’ll also become ambassadors for your business.

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Study the competition

Competitor research isn’t something you do only when you want to start your business, but something you have to keep doing to make sure your business keeps growing. There are two important things to find out about your competitors: how they’re attracting customers, and why other customers aren’t choosing them. With this knowledge, you can compare your business with theirs, identify their strengths and weaknesses, and see how to promote your brand in a way that really brings customers.

Build a strong social media presence

 Social media is one of the fastest and easiest ways to get your brand out there, and it’s a highly effective way of reaching people. Your social media profiles should have complete and correct information about your business and what it offers. Also, it’s important to post regularly and keep people up to date on your latest products, services, and sales. Always pay attention for new marketing tips and updates on social media platforms, so you can use them the right way and to their full potential.

Get reviews & testimonials

 There are hardly any customers out there who wouldn’t want to check what others have to say about a brand before interacting with it. And this is more important if you’re offering new products or services. A good way to let potential customers know that your business is credible is by having your existing customers write reviews, testimonials, and recommendations. If you’re on a really tight budget, then your Facebook business page may be the best place to get reviews.

Attend local events

You don’t have to be an event planner to attend events and meet people. Going out of your store to interact with potential customers can do you a lot of good, and one way to achieve this is by attending events where you can speak about your brand. From trade fairs to product expos, many such events give you a platform to speak confidently about your products/services, gather contacts of potential customers, and give them cards or flyers to remind them of your business.

Shine as an expert in your market

Depending on the products/services you offer and the market you address, becoming a public expert can be really effective. Start by opening a blog or YouTube channel where you can create and put out content on your business offering. You can also offer to speak at events and meetings, or make appointments to speak on radio. Your customers will feel more confident about their choices when they know that they’re interacting with a well-informed business owner.

Use influencers

It’s a good strategy to advertise your products/services with people who have a strong internet presence and large following on social media. Because there are so many influencers out there, take the time to find those who fit your budget and who align with your business offering. If you run a make-up and beauty salon, for instance, female influencers are the better choice. When advertising through influencers, make sure that they properly explain how your business can be contacted by potential customers.

Run a ‘challenge’

Social media contests are becoming a popular way for business owners to promote their brands, and you should consider organizing one too. Get your customers to accomplish a task that brings you more customers, and then reward them for it. For example, if you sell products online, give a gift or bonus to any customer who can bring 10 new customers to your business.

Build a website or app

Websites and apps can be really powerful marketing tools for your business, and building any or both of them would be a smart move. Many small businesses do not own apps because of tight budgets, but websites are much cheaper and would be a great investment into your business. Websites and apps help you draw new customers in, keep a strong relationship with them, and even collect more ratings and reviews. Depending on your business offering, you can even organize bonuses for customers who use your app.

Photo by Carl Heyerdahl on Unsplash

Marketing can be tough, but you can make it more effective with the steps mentioned above. Do try them and see which ones work best for your business!