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New Product Update: Employee management – Team members Feature

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Even when you have the best team members working for you in different time zones, employee management can be a struggle.

As an employer, have you ever wanted to take your team members to the next level in terms of performance? 

The difficulty of managing employees stems from the fact that employees are not products. You don’t buy your employees, and you can’t necessarily control their behavior.

Vencru boosts the performance of your teammates by making it easy to track sales performance, putting an end to being defrauded, and avoiding inaccuracy in business.

By adding your team members to our new team member feature, you’d have total control of an operatable software and management of your employees and business.

Adding your teammates is easy!

Invite your employees or business partner to manage your business

  • Sign up/log in to your Vencru account or Vencru mobile app
  • Click on the Team Members button.
  • Select the icon  [add team members].
  • Fill the empty fields presented.
  • Select a Team role to grant permission and access, then click Invite Team Member.

And you are done! Simple, right?

Using our new product update/feature, here are your benefits.

  • You’d have full access to the daily and monthly sales of each team member.
  • You can keep track of each staff performance.
  • Ability to restrict staff access to sensitive financial information.
  • Ability to prevent inaccuracy with sales and business reports by comparing actual cash and bank to sales reports.
  • Up-to-date on inventory/stocks.

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