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How your Photography business can survive coronavirus (COVID-19)

The COVID-19 pandemic is ravaging global businesses and photography business is not spared. Here's how your photography business can survive coronavirus

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The COVID-19 pandemic is ravaging global businesses and photography business is not spared. The virus knows no borders. It has continued to spread its impact across various aspects of the global economy. This is a hard time for photographers. Weddings and events are cancelled as a move to observe precautionary measures to curtail the spread of the virus. Even sports and studio photographers are feeling a decline in business. This has inevitably adversely affected the source of income of photographers. Photography business can survive coronavirus with clear strategies.

If your photography business is suffering from this pandemic, know that you are not alone. Your concerns now should be how best do you position your photography business to be resilient?

Below is a list of strategies to ensure your photography business can survive coronavirus and ride out these turbulent moments.

Enhance Your Website Appearance

Your website serves as your shop front. The appearance of your website influences people’s decision to book your services or not. As people will now go online to search for photographers, you have to be prepared to face increased competition and a souped-up website can help you.

During this COVID-19 pandemic, you should work on improving your website’s appearance. To do this, consider replacing old images and content with new and high-quality ones. Review your homepage web copy. Enhance your search engine optimization. With this, ensure that you use the right keywords on your website.

Post More on Social Media

On your social media channels ramp up posting of your photography personal works. During this pandemic, you need to convince your past clients why they should go after your services. They must have grown tired of your old posts and this may influence their decision not to consider you on their list. Besides, people are already tired of seeing COVID-19 related posts. Thus, your unique posts will offer them huge relief.

Ensure that you post high-quality images of your most recent works. Remember to use the right hashtags and keywords.

Offer Photography Courses Online

Now the revenue of photography businesses is dwindling, you need to re-strategize your business operations to make ends meet. Setting up an online photography tutorial class can be as profitable as taking snapshots of your clients.

Many upcoming photographers out there are honing their photography skills during this downtime. Notify your previous clients that have shown interest in learning photography about your new class. You can schedule a tutorial on Zoom. You can also make an educational series on Teachable. This you can do to stay in business until the pandemic becomes history. You may choose to integrate this into your business post-COVID-19. You can store your clients’ information on Vencru so you can reach out later, ensuring your photography business can survive coronavirus and beyond.

Market Robustly to Your Current Clients

Devise a marketing plan that will get your business up and running smoothly.   You can market using texts, emails, social media, by word of mouth, etc. Recreate your marketing newsletter with actionable objectives and send them to your past clients. These are people who have used your works, know them, and love your work. Thus they may have a great tendency to support your business no matter what.

Set up a marketing plan that will enable you to relate with them how your services will be of more use to them. Include galleries of your works in the newsletters for your clients to see and enjoy.

Hone Your skill to ensure your photography business can survive coronavirus and beyond

To enhance your photo shooting efficiency and probably make improvements, educate yourself by watching photography online courses and foundational webinars. Not just these, you have to learn creative ways to render your services during this lockdown period.

There may not be any other opportunity to learn something new in photography than now. Take some notes and take some images, at least five a day, while in quarantine.

Set Up a Sterilized Location

For birth photography, it is not every client that will be willing to wait till the end of the pandemic virus before they can take a snapshot of their little one. You can still serve them by providing them with milestone sessions. Even if it is not birth photography, offer them a lifestyle documenting while they are staying indoors. For newlyweds, assist them to take wedding photos in a location that is sterilized and guarantees them of their safety. You just have to get creative.

Photo by Aljoscha Laschgari on Unsplash

Lastly, the pandemic does not look like it will die out anytime soon as the world is still trying to get its vaccine. Considering this, you will not want to stay out of business for long. No matter how much impact that COVID-19 has made on your photography business, you can still stay in business. The best thing you can do is remain calm, strategize and execute. So your photography business can survive coronavirus (COVID-19)

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