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Do you need a new retail POS system for your business?

Integrating a POS system with your business is an excellent way to grow your business, manage your employees, and supply your customer’s needs...
Do you need a POS for your retail business

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Questions you could ask yourself are, for instance, is your POS system up to date? Are you facing issues of poor accountability and management of your inventory? Do you feel limited in managing your employees with little or no information on sales performance? If yes, certainly, you will need a new retail POS system.

What is a retail POS system?

A Point of Sale (POS) system is a powerful business management solution for retailers or e-commerce businesses. However, with this system, you can accept payments from clients and track your business operations easily.

Types of POS Systems

On the other hand, the saying one size fits all does not apply to selecting the type of retail POS system to run your business. In other words, there are various kinds of companies operating differently from each other.

They are,

  • Mobile POS system
  • Tablet POS system
  • Terminal POS system
  • Online POS system
  • Self-service kiosk POS system
  • Multichannel POS system
  • Open-source POS system

Mobile POS (point of sale) System

Mobile POS systems are smartphones and tablets, that can process payments, in addition, scan barcodes, and managing your customer’s information and inventory. Most importantly, recommended for retail and e-commerce business owners who move around a lot and do not handle a lot of stock. Receipts in confirmation of payment might be printed out via a portable receipt printer or sent via email, in the same vein.

Vencru is a retail inventory POS management software with mobile features recommended for this type of business.

For example,

  • Contract workers
  • Door to door food vendors
  • Event vendors
  • Newspapers vendors
  • Music vendors popularly known as DJs
  • Lawn care services
  • Professional service providers
  • Freelancers

Tablet POS (point of sale) System

Juice bars, gift shops, small retail businesses, art galleries, salons, and quick service restaurants use the Tablet POS system. It comprises iPad and other Android gadgets to process payments.

Using this type of POS system is that it can manage complex inventory and track your employee activities.

Vencru is a retail inventory POS management software with tablet features recommended for this type of business.

Terminal POS (point of sale) System

Terminal POS systems are the type we see on counters. They are recommended for e-commerce businesses, boutiques, spas, full-service restaurants, and bookstores.

Online POS (point of sale) System

An online POS system is one of the least expensive to access. However, it requires your personal computer (PC) or tablet to process payment. It is used by retailers with small businesses, pet groomers, and small cafes.

Self-service kiosk POS (point of sale) System

The self-service kiosk POS system is a specialized solution for purchasing movie tickets, price checks, and product lookup.

Multichannel POS (point of sale) System

The multichannel POS system integrates all sales accounts across its user’s online store and social media pages. That is to say, retailers/e-commerce businesses are allowed to sell their products across various multiple sales channels.

Open-source POS (point of sale) System

The open-source POS system is fully customizable to function as you will. Above all, it is expensive to run. Software engineers in programming are needed for this type as it’s filled with benefits to serve your customers better. However, it is recommended for large-sized businesses.

What is POS System Hardware?

POS system hardware is the physical components of a POS system purchased from either a commercial retailer or specialized vendors.

Types of POS System Hardware

  • Customer display screen
  • Cash drawer
  • Barcode scanner
  • Receipt printer
  • Payment terminal

Customer Display Screen

The customer display screen engages customers with offers and special promotions as their products/groceries are checked for payment. But, it also displays the number of items selected by the customer.

Cash Drawer

Integrating a cash drawer with your POS system is beneficial in protecting your inventory. For instance, when unauthorized persons access your account, an unexpected loss can be averted.

Barcode Scanner

Barcode scanners are the fastest and most accurate way to gather up your customer’s items at the point of check out. Most importantly, it helps in managing your inventory.

Receipt Printer

Receipt printers are vital to updating customers on upcoming promotions. For example, a list of items purchased and listed on the receipt can be used to return a faulty product.

Payment Terminal

A payment terminal is needed for authorizations on credit and debit card transactions. Because without this, the POS system will not gain access to your account or accept payment.

What is POS System Software?

POS system software is the program responsible for the running of the system. Most importantly, it involves data, the internet, programming, and a cloud-based system.

Types of POS System Software

      • On-premise POS system software
      • Cloud-based POS system software

On-premise POS System Software

As the name implies, on-premise POS software protects and keeps all data within the store in a closed system. However, it must be maintained by the store manager or an employed IT personnel.

Cloud-based POS System Software

The cloud-based POS system is a software as a service (Saas). Your IT employee or store manager must pay a set fee to use a cloud-based service. Above all, with a cloud-based POS system, information can be accessed from anywhere.

What Are The Features Of A POS System?

What are the Benefits of a Good Retail POS System for Your Business?

Integrating a POS system with your business is an excellent way to grow your business and much more like:

  • Manage your time and business with an all in one POS system
  • With a cloud-based POS system, you can access your business from anywhere
  • Stay up to date with real-time data and accounting reports from your POS system
  • Managing your inventory will be as easy as ABC. You will never run out of stock
  • Easier to track your employees, monitor their performance, and limit their access to your finances
  • Access to new multiple payments channels
  • Improved sales strategies to better serve your target customers

Is a POS System Expensive or Cheap?

For some POS systems, Yes! But not for Vencru. Firstly, Vencru is affordable. Secondly, it is cheap. Thirdly, it is easy to use. Finally, and most importantly, it is an all-in-one POS system and available in over 260 countries.

View this link to learn more about the prices.

How Can Vencru Help You With A Retail POS System For Your Business?

Vencru | Retail POS system

Vencru offers you a free consultation on getting your business needs and type straightened out. Most importantly, our sales team is always available to answer all your questions and give you breath-taking ideas.

  • Vencru is free to use, but its free version is limited but perfect for building your trust with us.
  • Easy to use and understand.
  • Vencru’s premium plan is the most affordable, with no extra charges upon cancelation.
  • Vencru has both quarterly and yearly plans.
  • We are the complete solution to managing and growing your business.
  • With our customizable inventory templates, you can send invoices from anywhere.
  • Increase cash flow and reduce wastage by keeping track of your stock levels.

Final Takeaway

Firstly, your business needs a retail POS system to increase productivity. Secondly, to improve its functionality. Thirdly, and most importantly, to track sales performance and improve inventory control.

To enjoy the best from our POS accounting software customized solely to meet your business needs, Sign up now!  However, stay tuned to our blog and get resources to help you navigate the market.

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