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Estimating and Quoting Software for Small Businesses

As a business owner, providing accurate and professional estimates and quotes is crucial for winning new clients and securing valuable projects. Our estimating and quoting process software assists with preparing quotes and proposals in various currencies.

Our software also facilitates the seamless conversion of estimates into invoices. Additionally, it enables you to receive payments directly from your invoices through online payment gateways.

Benefits of our invoice and estimate software

Easily Create Estimates in Multiple Currencies

estimating and quoting software
Estimating software

Convert Finalized Estimates to Invoices

Get Paid Directly from Invoices Using Online Payments

Invoice generator software with online payment gateway

Track Status of Estimates and Invoices

FAQs our estimating and quoting software

Everything you need to know about our invoice and estimate software on Vencru

An estimate is a formal document that provides an approximate cost or price for products or services offered by a business to a potential client. It serves as a preliminary quotation, outlining the expected expenses for a particular project or job.

A quote, also known as a quotation or bid, is a detailed proposal that provides a fixed price for products or services offered by a business. Unlike an estimate, a quote is a formal offer and typically includes specific terms and conditions.

The main difference between an estimate and a quote is the level of specificity. An estimate offers a rough idea of the cost, while a quote provides a definitive price for the products or services offered.

Quotes and estimates are not legally binding contracts. They are considered as initial proposals and do not carry the legal obligations of a formal contract. However, they set the groundwork for a potential agreement between the parties involved.

A quoting software, like Vencru, streamlines and automates the estimating and quoting process, saving time and effort. It ensures accuracy in creating estimates, converts estimates to invoices efficiently, and enables online payment collection, enhancing your professionalism and client experience.

Estimate system is not where our solutions end – Vencru can help you with the following as well:
Accounting and Bookkeeping
• Point of Sale (POS) System and stocktaking app
Employee Management
Client Relationship Management & more!

Get the best estimating and quoting software

You can easily create estimates in multiple currencies, convert them to invoices, and receive direct payment from invoices. Elevate your business professionalism and boost client satisfaction.

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