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Blank Invoice Template

A blank invoice template is easy to edit the customized fields to meet your requirements. It’s a professional invoice template that, once filled out, you can either print out or email to your clients.

Features of a Blank Invoice Template

  • Completely customizable
  • Printable invoice
  • It’s professional and contains all fundamental invoice essentials

For more information on how to fill out an invoice, check out what an invoice looks like

There are Alternatives to Using a Blank Invoice Template

Blank invoice templates are not as flexible as invoice generators but are easy to use. Some business owners prefer using an invoice generator to email either a PDF, Word, or Excel invoice template to their clients because it’s easier to keep track of and highly flexible.

Invoices are a representation of your company and yourself. They are documents you send to your client reminding them of items they ordered and are yet to complete/ make payment.

Vencru has created an online invoice generator as a unique alternative to invoice templates in PDF, Word, and Excel. Here are some extra benefits of using an invoice generator:

  • You can better organize your records
  • Your records will be better organized.
  • The client’s information and items ordered are automatically saved.
  • It’s fully customizable.
  • Its professional background re-invites your clients all over again.
Alternatively, you can use Vencru’s invoicing and accounting software to send invoices with to customers from anywhere. With this, you can also track your sales, download invoice copies, and send invoices as links. Vencru invoicing software will also automatically calculate your monthly sales, allowing you compare month to month trends. Instead of editing blank invoice template to send to customers, you can focus on your business by creating invoices faster (1 minute)

Vencru is the only solution you need for your bookkeeping and invoicing