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Car Sales Invoice Template

A car sales invoice is a document that contains all features and expenses associated with purchasing a car. A car sales invoice is confused with the invoice price. An invoice price is an amount the manufacturer charges the dealer — Freight charges are part of the invoice price.

There are various things to consider when looking at a car sales invoice template, they are:

  • Manufacturer suggested retail price [MSRP]: This is the recommended retail price suggested by the manufacturer to a retailer to sell the car.
  • Documentation fee: This is a charge by the dealer for the paperwork and prepping the product for final delivery.
  • Sales tax: Sales tax is an amount of percentage [%] paid to the government on the sale of a vehicle.
  • Car details: Information on Millage on sale, chassis number, model number, make/ producer, etc.
  • Vendor information: This detail must be on the car sales invoice. The company name, date of sales, address of the vendor, the contact information [email address, telephone number, or fax number] of the vendor, and possibly some instructions and description of the product for sale.
  • Client/ Purchaser detail: For identification purposes, the client’s address, email address, and telephone number must be in the car sales invoice template.

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