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Get Your Free Hotel Invoice Template

Are you looking for a free and easy way to create invoices for your hotel services?

As a hotel owner, you work hard to keep your guests happy and comfortable – which means you likely don’t have time to worry about administrative tasks like creating personalized invoices for each guest. You need to get paid properly for your great accommodations and hospitality, so why not get Vencru’s free hotel invoice template.

Vencru offers a simple and free hotel invoice template that is designed to help you properly invoice your guests. This template is useful because it allows clear communication on the drivers to the charges made during your guest’s stay.

All you have to do is download the template below, fill it out and send it to your client. It can be done in minutes!

Want a faster and better invoicing system for your hotel?

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Send invoices quickly to your clients using Vencru’s printable and downloadable templates. Templates are fully customizable to showcase your business brand. Simply include your company logo, client and company information, product descriptions, and prices.

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Want to send invoices faster to clients? Get the free invoice maker app from Vencru. Send invoices in 1 mins to clients. Send invoices via WhatsApp, email, text. Track invoice payment status from your phone. Automatically calculate your invoices/sales without complicated spreadsheets or Excel – all from your phone

Why do I need a hotel invoice?

Making money is fundamental to every business out there. But when you’re a hotel owner, where you earn by offering comfort, how you make money is important to your customer as well. 

Your guests want to ensure that they’re getting the best service you can offer, and this includes how they’re billed. They expect their charges to come in an organized format, so they see and understand everything they’re paying for. Vencru’s unique hotel invoice templates give you everything you need.

With our invoice templates for your hotel, you can:

  • Manage reservation dates for guests
  • Record all guest purchases in one place
  • Track all payments
  • Include any extra services
  • Organize your records better.

What are the benefits of using a hotel invoice template?

Invoices are one way to communicate with your guests. When your invoice is professional and unique, your communication is also professional and unique. And your guests will keep coming back. By using our hospitality invoice templates, you enjoy these benefits:

  • You leave an impression on your guests
  • Your guests will recommend you to friends
  • They will become repeat customers
  • Your records will be better organized

What’s more, by using our invoice together with Vencru’s full suite of features, you can link your invoices to the rest of your business and check your progress in one glance.  Check out all our free invoicing templates, inventory management templates, and accounting templates.

What more than spreadsheets? Get the free invoicing software

Your free invoicing app will allow you create an invoices in 1 minute. It is available across all your devices (Web, Android, and iPhone)

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