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New Product Update: Stripe – Online Payments

Online payments make it easy, safe, and quick to receive payments for your services from your clients.

The question here is, have you ever experienced a delay in payment from your client?

Have you sent invoices over again just to be reminded that payments will be delayed or denied based on a lack of access to online payment?

Vencru presents you with its newest feature: Stripe as an online payment method. Ensuring you get paid without delay, growing your relationship with your client and your business.

Our newest feature can help you:

  • Organize your bookkeeping records
  • Organize your client’s list
  • Keep track of your debtors
  • Keep track of your profits
  • Keep track of your expenses
  • Keep track of your inventory
  • Manage your business
  • With presentable business reports from the get-go
  • Tax information

Just Imagine, and it’s completely free!

To start enjoying this new product feature,

  • Sign up/log in to your Vencru app or Visit our website
  • Click on your Account settings
  • Under account settings, click on Payment settings
  • Select the connect online payment option
  • Click on connect now button for STRIPE
  • Fill in your business email and new stripe password

And voila, you are good to go!

If your business isn’t online, you’re missing a ton of profit. Read this blog for tips to move your business online.

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