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Understanding what products are flying off the shelves (and which aren’t) can significantly impact your business strategy. The Sales by Product Report Template simplifies this, providing a clear snapshot of each product’s impact on your sales figures.

This detailed guide will walk you through the importance of analyzing product sales, how to effectively dissect a sales report in Excel by product, and offer a downloadable template to kickstart your product sales analysis journey.

Why Analyzing Product Sales is Important?

Analyzing product sales provides several benefits that can significantly impact your business strategy and bottom line:

How to Analyze a Sales Report in Excel by Product?

Here’s how to get started:

  1. Gather Your Data: Compile sales data including product names, quantities sold, sales dates, and revenue generated.
  2. Create a Pivot Table: Utilize Excel’s pivot table feature to aggregate your data by product. This allows you to see total sales, quantities sold, and other metrics at a glance.
  3. Calculate Performance Metrics: Use formulas to calculate important KPIs like total revenue per product, average sale price, and sales growth.
  4. Visualize the Data: Employ Excel’s charting tools to create visual representations of your data, making it easier to spot trends and patterns.
  5. Segment Your Analysis: Break down your data further by categories, sales channels, or customer demographics to gain deeper insights.

What Should Be Included in a Sales by Product Report Template?

A well-structured Sales by Product Report Template should contain the following elements for thorough analysis:

monthly sales report

Download Free Sales by Product Tracker Template

To empower your business with the sales insights needed, we offer a free downloadable Sales by Product Tracker Template. This Excel template is intuitive, customizable, and geared towards providing a detailed overview of your product sales performance.

Download Your Sales by Product Tracker Template Here

Equipped with this template, businesses can streamline their product sales analysis, fostering data-driven decisions that enhance sales strategies and inventory management.


Analyzing sales by product is not just about keeping tabs on what sells; it’s about understanding what your customers want and need. The Sales by Product Report Template is an invaluable asset in offering clarity and actionable insights. With our free downloadable template, businesses can effortlessly navigate their product performance, and make strategic adjustments to inventory, marketing, and sales approaches.

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