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Need an Invoice2go alternative for your small business? With Vencru, it’s about more than just invoicing–it’s about saving time, increasing profits, and getting your whole business to the next level.

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BenefitsVencru bookkeeping softwareInvoice2go
Create and send professional and unique invoices
Track business expenses
Manage inventory and perform stock taking
Understand which of your products are most profitable
Know where to cut costs
Set sales targets and track your performance
Store client information and personalize service
Get tips to boost sales, increase profits, and cut costs
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Grow your

Many business owners understand what a good invoice can do for their business. When you send out professional invoices with your brand logo and colours, and when you can track when your clients view your invoices, you’re more likely to keep that paying customer coming back to your doorstep. But here’s what customers love more than a good-looking business: they love a business that always gives them what they need.

At Vencru, we know that you must have the right products to sell and the right services to offer before your invoices can count. That’s why we’ve created a software that doesn’t stop at quick and easy invoicing. We’ve gone the extra mile to enable you to track your products/services and sales, see what’s really selling, and make the most informed decisions based on your data instead of guesswork.

Vencru also lets you record your expenses and say goodbye to paper receipts, but again, we don’t stop there. Merely recording your expenses doesn’t do you much good, and so Vencru goes further to break them down. Vencru keeps you updated on your most common expenses, tells you where you spend the money, stops you from spending more than you need to, and gives you suggestions to cut your expenses and have more profits in the bank.

And here’s the sweetest part: Vencru generates your financial reports automatically, giving you back that time you would have spent on tapping a calculator or filling a spreadsheet. With Vencru’s reports, you can stay on top of your income and profits and compare your business performance over time. 

You’re equipped with not just the numbers and what they really mean for your business, but also the tips to improve them–to boost your sales, increase your income, cut down costs, and make more profits. And when it’s time to pay taxes, you’ll still be at the top of your game. So, why focus on only invoices when you can focus on your whole business all at once?

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