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Looking for the best alternative to Sage Accounting? Vencru’s lets you do more than just invoicing and accounting. Stand out of the competition by personalizing your client service and tracking your expenses, all in less time and at a cheaper price.

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How Vencru compares to Sage

BenefitsVencru bookkeeping softwareSage
Create and send professional and unique invoices
Track business expenses
Manage inventory and perform stock taking
Understand which of your products are most profitable
Know where to cut costs
Set sales targets and track your performance
Store client information and personalize service
Get tips to boost sales, increase profits, and cut costs
Full mobile experience
Starting priceFreeFree

Vencru is the only solution you need for bookkeeping and accounting

Why choose Vencru over Sage accounting?

For many business owners out there, including you, managing a business is so much work. You’re in charge of making products available for your customers, making yourself available to offer services, sending out invoices, following up payments, maintaining a good relationship with your clients, tracking your sales, and generating the reports that tell you how your business is really performing. 

So, we understand why you would jump on the first opportunity you get to reduce these tasks. But what you really need is the best opportunity, a platform that gives you the most important and most complete features to gain more control over your business.

At Vencru, we know that there are two types of business owners who hardly make progress: those who spend too much time on paperwork, and those who spend too much time on software. Because we don’t want you to be any of these, we’ve created a suite of features that focus only on what’s most important. 

Vencru lets you create and send out professional invoices with your brand identity in seconds, receive payments through cards or bank transfers, stay on top of your inventory and see which products are selling the most, and generate accounting reports for every part of your business, anytime.

But that’s not where it ends. Unlike Sage Accounting, we know the one thing every business needs more than anything else: paying customers. That’s why Vencru enables you to keep your customers by personalizing every customer’s service. With Vencru, you can store client details and track how they interact with your business. 

You can see every client’s total payments to your business, total amounts owed, and most bought items. And you never need to fill in this information manually, because every time you send out an invoice to a client and every time that client makes a payment, Vencru automatically updates all the numbers.

Even more, Vencru lets you track every part of your spending. You’re kept updated on your most common expenses and one where you spend the most, so you can avoid overspending and make sure every penny counts. Plus, Vencru equips you with tips and suggestions to cut costs, boost sales, and make more profits, because it’s more important to understand the numbers than to just know them.

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