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More control over your business in less time.

Need an alternative to Wave for your business? Vencru gives you more features to save you time, track your products and services, and better manage your customers, so your whole business truly grows.

How Vencru compares to Wave

BenefitsVencru bookkeeping softwareWave
Create and send professional and unique invoices
Track business expenses
Manage inventory and perform stock taking
Understand which of your products are most profitable
Know where to cut costs
Set sales targets and track your performance
Store client information and personalize service
Get tips to boost sales, increase profits, and cut costs
Full mobile experience
Starting priceFreeFree

Vencru is the only solution you need for bookkeeping and accounting

Need an inventory system? Vencru is the perfect alternative to Wave

When you run a small business, you’d give anything to stand out of the competition and have all the clients coming to your doorstep. But there’s hardly enough time to focus because you’re trying to make all products and services available, boost your sales, and still please your customers. 

So, we can understand when you jump on a platform that saves you time and still pushes your brand forward–for example, by sending out invoices with your brand name and logo or generating reports that tell you how your business is performing. But here’s the truth: what you really need is a platform that goes the extra mile to make sure you have what your customers need so that your invoices can serve their purpose.

At Vencru, we’re not just focused on your business and how you run it. We’re also focused on what drives your business and how to grow it. That’s why we didn’t stop halfway. Unlike Wave, Vencru gives you more control over your business by letting you track your products/services in real-time and telling you what really sells. 

Vencru keeps you up to speed on the status of your products, so you never have expired goods lying around in your inventory. And these insights are important because they help you stay stocked on what your customers love and make highly informed decisions without relying on guesswork.

But none of these would make sense if you can’t get that one thing every business needs to keep growing: paying customers. Vencru lets you tailor your business to your clients, easily and quickly. You can store client information and view their activities with your business–their total purchases and payments, their most bought items, and even their unpaid invoices. 

You can even generate billing statements to show their activities with your business, so they know they’re getting their money’s worth. There’s no customer out there who wouldn’t keep coming back to a business that treats them so well. So, why wait?

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