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Top 7 TradeGecko Alternatives for Retailers and Wholesalers

Tradegecko alternatives

TradeGecko has been a popular choice among retailers and wholesalers for inventory management. However, since Quickbooks acquired it, you may be seeking alternatives to TradeGecko. Fortunately, there are several robust options available that can meet your business needs.

This article will introduce you to the top 7 TradeGecko alternatives for retailers and wholesalers. Whether you’re looking for more features, a different pricing structure, or a change, you’ll find options worth considering.

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Why Seek TradeGecko Alternatives After Its Acquisition by QuickBooks

TradeGecko, a popular inventory management and order fulfillment platform, was once a trusted choice for retailers and wholesalers. However, the landscape changed when QuickBooks, a well-known accounting software giant, acquired it. While this acquisition brought some advantages, such as integration possibilities, it also raised concerns among businesses that relied heavily on TradeGecko. Here are several reasons why some users may seek TradeGecko alternatives after this acquisition:

  1. Pricing Changes: QuickBooks follows a different pricing structure than TradeGecko, which might increase user costs. This shift can be unsettling for businesses using TradeGecko’s pricing model.
  2. Focus on Accounting: QuickBooks primarily focuses on accounting and financial management. Integrating TradeGecko into QuickBooks might lead to a more accounting-centric approach, potentially reducing the attention given to inventory management and order fulfillment features.
  3. Integration Complexity: While integration between TradeGecko and QuickBooks may offer some benefits, it can also introduce complexities regarding setup and maintenance. Some users may need help navigating and fully utilizing the integrated system.
  4. Feature Prioritization: Post-acquisition, the prioritization of features may shift in favor of QuickBooks functionalities, potentially leaving users of TradeGecko seeking a more dedicated inventory management solution.
  5. User Experience Changes: Changes in the user interface and overall user experience can occur after an acquisition. Some users prefer the familiarity and simplicity of TradeGecko’s original interface.
  6. Need for Specialized Features: Depending on their business requirements, some users might need specialized inventory management features not adequately addressed by QuickBooks, driving them to explore alternatives.

Given these considerations, businesses need to evaluate whether the new direction of TradeGecko under QuickBooks aligns with their needs. Several robust options offer comprehensive inventory management and order fulfillment solutions for those seeking alternatives.

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Top 7 TradeGecko Alternatives

  1. Vencru
  2. QuickBooks Commerce
  3. Zoho Inventory
  4. Cin7
  5. Sortly
  6. inFlow Inventory
  7. Fishbowl

1. Vencru: Your All-in-One Inventory and Accounting Solution

Vencru is an all-in-one business management platform designed for retailers and wholesalers. It offers a range of features, including inventory management, invoicing, order tracking, and more. Vencru is an excellent alternative to TradeGecko because it provides a holistic approach to managing your business.


  • Inventory tracking with barcode scanning.
  • Multi-currency support.
  • Sales and order management.
  • Free point-of-sale software
  • Integration with e-commerce platform
  • Invoicing with multiple payment options.
  • Comprehensive business reporting.
  • Vendor management.
  • Expense tracking and more.


  • Simplifies business operations with a user-friendly interface and robust features
  • Reduces manual work with automated features.
  • Helps track sales, expenses, and inventory efficiently.
  • Supports multi-currency transactions.
  • Provides real-time business insights.


Vencru offers these plans with a 14-day trial period

  • Free
  • Starter – $6 per month
  • Growth – $30 per month
  • Enterprise – $50 per month

2. QuickBooks Commerce


QuickBooks Commerce is a comprehensive inventory and order management system. It’s suitable for small and large businesses and offers features like inventory tracking, order fulfillment, robust accounting reports, expense tracking, purchase order management, and integrations with various e-commerce platforms.


  • Gain business insights with robust accounting reports for informed decisions
  • Access paid live-assisted bookkeeping for users unfamiliar with bookkeeping principles
  • Integrate various business tools like payroll management, CRM, e-commerce and others


Quickbooks offers these plans with a 30-day trial period:

  • Simple Start – $30 per month
  • Essentials – $60 per month
  • Plus – $90 per month
  • Advanced – $200 per month

3. Zoho Inventory

Zoho Inventory is part of the popular Zoho suite of business software. It provides inventory management tools, order tracking, purchase order management, supplier and client management, warehouse management, and e-commerce integrations. It integrates with other Zoho suite software to provide a comprehensive solution for businesses.


  1. Simple interface for easy navigation
  2. Integrates with other Zoho suite software for comprehensive business management
  3. Multi-location inventory management for businesses with multiple locations


Zoho Inventory offers these plans and a trial period:

  • Free
  • Standard – $39 per month
  • Professional – $99 per month
  • Premium – $159 per month
  • Enterprise – $299 per month

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4. Cin7

Cin7 is a cloud-based inventory management software known for its advanced inventory management capabilities. It offers features like automation, reporting, a B2B e-commerce portal, manufacturing management, Third Party Logistics integrations, sales tracking, built-in EDI, and multi-location inventory tracking.


  1. Comprehensive inventory management with manufacturing tracking
  2. B2B e-commerce portal to drive sales with customers
  3. In-built EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) to facilitate transactions with large retail clients


  • Standard-$395/ month
  • Pro- $599/ month
  • Advanced- $999/month
  • Omni- Contact sales 

5. Sortly

Sortly inventory management software

Sortly is a simple and versatile inventory management solution. It provides tools for inventory management, purchasing order management, supplier management, and sales order fulfillment. It integrates with accounting software for robust accounting reports and offers offline mobile app access making it easy to track inventory in places with low cellular connectivity.


  1. Simple and scalable inventory management solution for businesses
  2. Generate scan and generate barcodes and QR codes for inventory items
  3. Item check-in and check-out feature to track physical item use by staff


Sortly offers these plans with a free trial:

  • Free
  • Advanced- $49 per month
  • Ultra- $149 per month
  • Enterprise- Get a Quote

6. inFlow Inventory

inFlow inventory management software

inFlow Inventory is a user-friendly inventory software for physical stock tracking. It offers inventory tracking, sales management, supplier management, order management, production management, B2B showroom, purchase order management, and integrations with accounting software for comprehensive accounting reports.


  1. Generate and scan item barcodes for easy item tracking
  2. Track manufacturing processes with ease with features like Bill of Materials, assembly cost tracking, and others
  3. Create B2B showrooms to facilitate sales with customers


Inflow offers these plans as well as a trial period to users:

  • Entrepreneur- $110 per month
  • Small Business- $279 per month
  • Mid- Size- $549 per month
  • Enterprise- $1319 per month 

7. Fishbowl

Fishbowl inventory management software

Fishbowl is an inventory management software designed for small and midsize businesses. It offers features like inventory management, purchase order management, sales, supplier management, manufacturing management, and warehousing. It integrates with accounting software for comprehensive business reporting and analytics.


  1. Fishbowl integrates with e-commerce, shipping, accounting, and other software services to optimize business management
  2. It offers multi-location inventory tracking for real-time visibility
  3. Manage business assets across locations


  • Fish Bowl Drive (cloud-based) warehousing: $329 per month
  • FishBowl Advanced (on-premise) Warehousing: $329 per month
  • Fishbowl Advanced (on-premise) Manufacturing: $429 per month


When it comes to TradeGecko alternatives, you have several options to consider. Each solution has its features, pricing structures, and integrations. Your choice should depend on your unique business needs and goals. Whether you’re looking for a more comprehensive solution like Vencru or specialized inventory management tools, these alternatives offer versatility and flexibility to meet your requirements.

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