A reliable expense system made just for your business

Vencru’s expense tracking keeps you updated on regular expenses, tells you where you spend the most, and helps you cut excess costs, giving you all you need to be in complete charge of your spending

See where you spend the most

Keep tabs on where most of your money goes by viewing your expense history. It’s true that you must spend money to make money, so we make sure you don’t spend more than you needed

Stay on top of your business expenses

Avoid overspending. Stay informed on how your spending has increased over time by comparing your month-to-month expenses. Tracking expenses on Vencru means that you can work towards reducing them

Manage your business from anywhere

With the Vencru mobile app, you can track profits, send invoices, track inventory, review business financials -all  from anywhere. Start managing your bookkeeping with simple accounting software.